At Medicor Healthcare, the key to our approach is creating an integrated environment that brings together professionals from what we consider the “three pillars” of every successful home treatment plan...

Medical Equipment

With a complete selection of durable medical equipment, ambulatory aids, respiratory supplies and other accessories, Medicor Healthcare offers you a convenient source for all your medical equipment needs. Our expert technicians deliver everything directly to your home, provide in-depth training during setup, and are always available to provide continued maintenance and support.

Clinical Assistance

The full-service staff of credentialed nurses and therapists at Medicor Healthcare are prepared to assist you with a variety of medical concerns. With instant access to a wide range of equipment, and the direct support of our in-house pharmacy, the clinical professionals on our healthcare team can quickly coordinate all the elements needed for your successful recovery at home.

Pharmacy Services

Medicor Healthcare's in-house pharmacy gives you a convenient way to receive medications — and eliminates the need to make multiple trips to the local drug store — by scheduling prescription deliveries with your nurse or therapist visits. As an added benefit, our pharmacists will review all your medications, look for potential drug interactions, and ensure you are taking them safely and effectively.